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Cookbook : Recording a channel from a DVB broadcast

Find the code for this here:

This simple example shows how to record a channel broadcast in a DVB multiplex at a frequency of 754MHz, where the channel's audio and video data are carried in packets with packet IDs 640 and 641:

from Kamaelia.Device.DVB.Core import DVB_Multiplex
from Kamaelia.Chassis.Pipeline import Pipeline
from Kamaelia.File.Writing import SimpleFileWriter

   DVB_Multiplex(754, [640, 641]),

The DVB_Multiplex component is the simplest and easiest to use combined tuner and demultiplexer component - you simply specify the frequency, a list of packet IDs to demultiplex, and an optional dictionary of tuner control parameters.

-- 04 Jan 2007, Matt