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Example 10: Simple dirac encoder/decoder. Shows how to read raw video frames from a file, encode them using dirac, decode them again, and then playback via a video overlay. Components used:ReadFileAdaptor, RawYUVFramer, DiracEncoder, DiracDecoder, VideoOverlay .

Download and build dirac first!

Get the source raw video file (in rgb format) from here, and gunzip it:


To convert RGB to YUV:

RGBtoYUV420 snowboard-jum-352x288x75.rgb snowboard-jum-352x288x75.yuv 352 288 75

Alternatively, source your own AVI file and convert with:

ffmpeg -i file_from_digital_camera.avi rawvideo.yuv

and alter the config below as required.


from Kamaelia.Util.PipelineComponent import pipeline
from Kamaelia.ReadFileAdaptor import ReadFileAdaptor
from Kamaelia.Codec.RawYUVFramer import RawYUVFramer
from Kamaelia.Codec.Dirac import DiracEncoder, DiracDecoder
from Kamaelia.UI.Pygame.VideoOverlay import VideoOverlay

FILENAME  = "/data/dirac-video/snowboard-jum-352x288x75.yuv"
SIZE = (352,288)
DIRACPRESET = "CIF"         # dirac resolution and encoder settings preset

# encoder param sets it to iframe only (no motion based coding, faster)
# (overrides preset)
ENCPARAMS = {"num_L1":0}

pipeline( ReadFileAdaptor(FILENAME, readmode="bitrate", bitrate= 1000000),
          RawYUVFramer( size=SIZE ),
          DiracEncoder(preset=DIRACPRESET, encParams=ENCPARAMS ),

Source: Examples/example10/SimpleDiracEncodeDecode.py