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Cookbook Example

How can I...?

Example 1: Building a Simple TCP Based Server that allows multiple connections at once and sends a fortune cookie to the client. Includes simple TCP based client that displays the fortune cookie. Components used:SimpleServer, FortuneCookieProtocol, Pipeline, TCPClient, ConsoleEchoer


from Kamaelia.Protocol.FortuneCookieProtocol import FortuneCookieProtocol
from Kamaelia.SimpleServerComponent import SimpleServer
from Kamaelia.Internet.TCPClient import TCPClient
from Kamaelia.Util.Console import ConsoleEchoer
from Kamaelia.Chassis.Pipeline import Pipeline

import random


SimpleServer(protocol=FortuneCookieProtocol, port=clientServerTestPort).activate ()


Source: Examples/example1/FortuneCookie_ServerClient.py